The travel book is evolving!

To pursue our commitment to more sustainable tourism, we have decided to reduce the weight of our shipments around the world and to lighten the environmental impact of the travel books offered before each trip with PONANT.

In concrete terms, what does it mean?

  • We have stopped producing the pockets that accompanied it
  • The travel book is printed on a 100% recycled paper, in A4 format, with a reduced number of pages, while retaining all the information needed to prepare for a trip.
  • For each travel book sent, PONANT makes a commitment to Reforest'Action and has a tree planted in one of its forest ecosystem restoration projects in France, Iceland and Indonesia:

IMPORTANT: this evolution concerns travel books for departures aboard the PONANT Explorers and PONANT Sisterships, and soon for departures aboard Le Paul Gauguin.

What's in this new format sent by mail?

  • The booklet printed in A4 format for better readability
  • PONANT white paper labels for easy identification of your clients’ baggage at boarding
  • An accompanying letter

Does less pages mean less information?

No, all the useful information is there and personalised!

  • The itinerary and the full travel programme (which includes the cruise ticket)
  • Information on how to enhance the cruise: the theme, the Guest of Honour and the partner
  • A map of the ship and the stateroom reserved, with details of the services offered in the stateroom
  • Details of activities and extensions during the cruise, & pre-post programmes booked by the passenger
  • Airline tickets, presented on detachable paper for the printed version
  • The pre-filled health declaration, presented on detachable paper for the printed version
  • Paper labels with passengers' full names and stateroom numbers (digital version only): once printed, cut out and folded, they replace the white paper labels
  • Advice on what to wear and what to expect on board (available soon).

When will you receive the digital version of the travel book?

The digital version is sent to you by email around 35 days before departure.
All you have to do is forward it to your client, removing the first few sentences addressed to you.
This email contains in attachment:

  • The PDF of the travel book
  • A Reforest'Action plantation certificate


  • Your client can choose whether or not to receive a paper version of the travel book
  • Be sure to ask them to specify whether they would like the paper or digital version only; you can then confirm your client's preferred version with our Reservations Department
  • If you do not specify, your clients will receive the paper version by default.

We would be delighted to assist you with this new travel book format.

The entire PONANT team would like to thank you for sharing the philosophy that has driven the company for more than 35 years, and for helping us to share it with passengers.