Discover the true spirit of sailing

Get to know the story of this legendary yacht - having undergone a transformation and now heading back to sea, she offers her guests a uniquely exclusive travel experience. This is your invitation to sail, re-vitalise yourself, share the experience with others, and explore, contemplate and respect the world around us – an ode to freedom and the treasures of nature.

Le Ponant, a legendary yacht

This sleek, expertly designed 88-metre-long and 56-metre-high three-master is one of the most majestic yachts in the world. In an age when everything is becoming computer controlled, it shines the spotlight back on the more manual, skilful art of sailing, combined with comfort, elegance, exclusivity and sustainability.




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Common areas

16 staterooms and suites

A sustainable way to travel

A locally sourced, gourmet and refined gastronomy

The gastronomic offering onboard Le Ponant celebrates the delights of fine food and the riches of nature. Veuve Clicquot champagne, Pauillac de Latour wine and Pata Negra ham thus find their place on the table alongside local and organic products.

Wines and cheeses produced in the regions visited, fruits and vegetables from the local orchards and vegetable gardens, olive oil from the mill, honey from hives at the ports of call, herbs and spices from the local maquis: you’ll have the opportunity to taste everything the local lands have to offer onboard.

Exclusive itineraries

Feel as though you're on your own private yacht

Travelling far off the beaten track; enjoying the delights of quiet and little-visited ports of call; marvelling at iconic sites and places; seeking out exceptional scenery, that unforgettable encounter you’ll never forget, the unique and unusual: such is the range of amazing experiences and magical moments the itineraries offered aboard Le Ponant have been designed to bring you.

Le Ponant moments

Both onboard and at ports of call, Le Ponant offers a veritable invitation to enjoy authentic experiences and moments of rare privilege. Art, culture, gastronomy, nature, terroir, wellness, sport: take the time to taste, feel, listen and contemplate! Allow your senses to fully awaken and let yourself be guided by the crew and staff of Le Ponant, who will be able to provide you with all the help, advice and recommendations you require.

The experience of the sea and the adventure of elsewhere

Le Ponant: the very essence of a cruise company founded by lovers of the sea and sailing. A magical yacht that captivates from the moment the sails are raised. The promise of a voyage designed with complete and total freedom in mind.

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