Summer 2025: heat and warmth or refreshing coolness?

For summer 2025, PONANT invites you to choose between the soothing warmth of the Mediterranean, the bracing salty atmosphere of the Atlantic coast, the delicate cool freshness of Northern Europe or the invigorating air of Greenland. Simply let your desires guide you: more than 120 cruises available right now.

From hot sunshine to gentle balminess: iconic circuits and original itineraries in the Mediterranean

PONANT invites you to sample the Mediterranean art of living and explore the major sites of the cradle of Western civilisation, at the very crossroads of history. Let yourself be inspired by an odyssey through ancient cultures that takes you exploring the jewels and treasures of the Dalmatian coast... of the Aeolian Islands, at the gateway to Sicily... of the secret hidden-away shores of the Ionian and Aegean seas...

A cool, fresh summer: Atlantic shores and northern beauty

Beyond the Strait of Gibraltar and on to the North Sea, summer 2025 has some wonderful surprises in store for you: from the breathtaking panoramic scenery of the Norwegian fjords to that of the west coast of Iceland, land of fire and ice, and from the volcanic Canary Islands to the charm of the capital cities of the Baltics in the company of the Ballet de l'Opéra national de Paris, an ocean of cultures awaits you.

Next stop Greenland!

The Arctic is also an option. Whether you choose the ultimate in exploration on board Le Commandant Charcot, the only passenger ship in the world able to sail to the still ice-covered shores of Greenland at that time of year, or an expedition in the midnight sun at the heart of the Baffin Sea, get ready to live a unique experience in communion with nature and the Inuit peoples. Iconic fjords and traditional villages, the majestic icebergs of Disko Bay... the magic is to be found all around in Greenland.

The beauty of the sea ice can only be seen if you look at it with your heart.

Greenlandic proverb

An immersive experience in Greenland at the end of winter on board Le Commandant Charcot

Discover the emotion of the cruise guests on Le Commandant Charcot's first voyage to the east coast of Greenland in the spring of 2023. A unique and exclusive experience meeting the Inuit communities and discovering their ancient traditions.