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Emmanuel Perrodin

Emmanuel Perrodin

Originally from Franche-Comté, Emmanuel Perrodin, 44, a historian by training, discovered the art of cuisine at the age of 30 and worked in various restaurants before being appointed chef at the Relais 50 on the Vieux-Port in Marseille. He left there in 2015 to explore the relationship between cuisine and the arts through culinary performances. Co-founder of Oeuvres Culinaires Originales and former president of the Conservatoire International des Cuisines Méditerranéennes (CICM), today this magician of dishes and words is an itinerant chef and associate artist of two national theatres, in Le Mans and Marseille. Always brimming with ideas, the gourmet nomad entertains people at small private events as well as large social gatherings.

Language spoken: French

Photo credit: ARR

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