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Anne Quéméré

Anne Quéméré

Anne Quéméré was born and grew up in Brittany before moving to North America, where she worked for around ten years. On her return to her native Brittany, this passionate sailor embarked on a series of committed and, in some cases, innovative and experimental voyages.
2002 and 2004 were two years punctuated by two solo, unassisted transatlantic rowing races, which opened the door to new horizons and marked a real turning point in her life.

In the summer of 2006, she once again set off across the North Atlantic aboard an innovative prototype, the "kiteboat", powered solely by a traction wing. It was a world first, which she repeated a few years later on the Pacific between Peru and French Polynesia.
In summer 2010, she joined "La Grande dérive", an expedition to Greenland. It was her first encounter with this hostile yet captivating world of ice, which she would return to in 2014 and 2015 on her two attempts to cross the Northwest Passage.

Constantly pushing back the limits of her endurance, the Quimper native thinks, prepares and meticulously organises each of her journeys. When she's not alone in the middle of the ocean, she shares her journeys at festivals, conferences and seminars, talking about issues of concern such as ocean conservation and dreaming of new sailing vessels.

Language spoken: French


Photo credit: David Cormier