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Zamami is an island in the Kerama archipelago, 40 km (25 miles) west of Okinawa Island in the China Sea. Visitors to this 16 km2 (6 mi2) quasi-uninhabited isle are enchanted by the many untouched natural treasures they find here. You will discover a tranquil island with lush vegetation, lined with stunning white-sand bays bathing in the glimmering ‘Kerama blue’ waters around the archipelago. Zamami is also renowned for the beauty of its coral reefs, where multicoloured fish engage in an endless mesmerising ballet. The observation deck on Mount Takatsuki reveals stunning views of the Kerama Islands, granted national park status in 2014. With subtle shifting shades of azure above and all around, this island truly is paradise.

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Ha Long - Naha, Okinawa
12 nights on board
04/03/2024 to the 16/03/2024
Naha, Okinawa - Keelung (Chilung)
7 nights on board
16/03/2024 to the 23/03/2024
Fukuoka - Keelung (Chilung)
7 nights on board
06/04/2024 to the 13/04/2024

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