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In the far north of the Northwest Territories, nestling at the junction of the Amundsen Gulf, the Smoking Hill astonish, intrigue and captivate. Considered one of the most fascinating and mysterious phenomena on the planet, this geological paradise, where dozens of kilometres of smoke columns emanate from impressive cliffs coloured in ochre and crimson, will take you on a timeless journey. Spotted for the first time by the British navigator John Franklin during an exploration of the region in 1926, these smoking strata of hydrocarbons result from the chemical reaction between the oil shales and the lignite deposits, a mix of clay shale and pyrite that spontaneously ignites on contact with air, causing this unique natural phenomenon. 

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Kangerlussuaq - Nome, Alaska
Flight Paris/Kangerlussuaq + transfers + Flight Nome/Seattle
22 nights on board
28/08/2024 to the 19/09/2024

Price is per person, based on double occupancy, based on availability, and subject to change at any time. The category of stateroom to which this price applies may no longer be available.