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Nestling in the clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, at the south west tip of Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly form a small British island chain whose climate, landscapes and lifestyle are unlike any other and seem to have come straight from an Enid Blyton story. Here, everything resembles a tropical paradise. The long sandy beaches run alongside lush green meadows teeming with semi-exotic flowers, whilst the ruins of ancient castles loom from the tops of the hills. Veritable havens of peace that inspired the legendary Avalon of King Arthur, they are today listed as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the rugged coastline plays host to wildlife that is as varied as it is exceptional, including the very rare Atlantic grey seal.

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London - Fairlie (Glasgow), Scotland
Shore excursion in each port of call + transfers included
8 nights on board
04/05/2025 to the 12/05/2025
Bordeaux - Dublin
8 nights on board
08/05/2025 to the 16/05/2025

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