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The main town of legendary Easter Island, Hanga Roa is also its only urban area. Bathed by the Pacific Ocean, this picturesque Chilean town is an excellent base for exploring the islandメs spectacular treasures, particularly the moai, the famous enigmatic monumental statues. The Polynesian Hanga Roa culture and its traditional houses are a sheer delight. As evening approaches, wend your way to the charming fishing port where, weather permitting, you can admire the captivating light of the setting sun.

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Papeete, Tahiti Island - Hanga Roa, Easter Island
14 nights on board
22/10/2024 to the 05/11/2024
Hanga Roa, Easter Island - Ushuaia
9 nights on board
05/11/2024 to the 14/11/2024

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