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Cruises visiting Georgetown, Ascension Island (British Overseas Territories)

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Lost in the heart of the Atlantic, this arid island with a lunar landscape is not as deserted as we may believe. Its position has made it a military base and strategic air bridge for the British and the Americans. The first garrison was established in 1815 to prevent any escape attempt by Napoleon, who was exiled nearly 1,000 kilometres away on the island of Saint Helena. The forts and barracks of the Royal Navy from those times can be visited. Intense marine biodiversity surrounds this island. It is one of the most important breeding sites for tropical marine birds and green turtles , which leave their footprints on the island’s magnificent beaches before heading to the Brazilian coastlines.

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Dakar - Santos
20 nights on board
14/10/2023 to the 03/11/2023

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