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Located in the heart of Normandy, Caen is the city that William the Conqueror built. Caen Castle, one of the largest walled fortifications in Europe, as well as a Men's Abbey and a Women's Abbey — all were built in the late 11th century by William and his wife, Queen Mathilde of Flanders, both of whom are buried here. Caen is also the site of the first successful action of Allied operations on D-Day, June 6, 1944, when British Airborne forces secured two bridges between Caen and the English Channel. Though the city was badly damaged during WWII, it has now been restored and serves a monument of French resilience.

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London - Lisbon
Shore excursion in each port of call + transfers included
9 nights on board
30/08/2025 to the 08/09/2025

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