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The name of the island, a corruption of the word “breaker”, is in reference to the waves that break on the shores of this land exposed to the turbulence of the Atlantic Ocean. On the southeastern edge of the Falkland Islands, the swells pounds the low cliffs of this narrow strip of land interspersed with vast beaches of white sand or pebbles. Covered in pasture where a few sheep and bovines roam, the island is, in part, a National Nature Reserve. From gentoo penguins to king penguins, blackish oystercatchers, and large colonies of imperial shags, a total of some fifty bird species live here. In a Zodiac dinghy or on foot, discover the beauty of the Falklands with this unique port of call.

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Ushuaia - Buenos Aires
Night in Buenos Aires + Flight Buenos Aires/Ushuaia + Transfer
14 nights on board
28/02/2025 to the 15/03/2025

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