Do you have a loyalty card with another cruise line?

Get matching status right away and enjoy the many benefits of the Ponant Yacht Club!

We offer various reductions, depending on your status:

Up to

10% off

our upcoming cruises


Up to

25% off

onboard expenses, free laundry services, onboard credits and upgrades

MAJOR benefits
ADMIRAL benefits
Guaranteed reductions whenever you book your next cruises
7,5 %
10 %
A discount to use for all onboard expenses, excluding excursions
20 %
25 %
Credit to spend on board
50 €
100 €
150 €
Free laundry services on board
The opportunity to participate in loyalty cruises
Onboard upgrades
Change your chosen cruise free of charge

We offer various reductions, depending on your status:

Simply fill out the form below right away to request your Status Match and our team will contact you. Please refer to the equivalences table above for the names of the loyalty programme and the status.

Terms and conditions:

The PONANT Status Match scheme applies only to loyalty cards from other cruise lines. Equivalence is evaluated based on a comparison of the qualifying criteria for each status. You will be sent a confirmation email once you've completed the online form. In order for your equivalence to be validated, you will be required to provide a copy of your loyalty card.

While Status Match does earn you equivalent PONANT Yacht Club status, you will not receive a PONANT Yacht Club loyalty card for said status; to receive a card, you must complete the required number of cruises with PONANT as indicated in our Terms & Conditions.

A Status Match can only be carried out once per passenger. If you have multiple loyalty cards, please choose the one you want to use. This choice cannot be changed afterwards. The reductions and benefits apply to new bookings only and are not applicable retrospectively. Equivalence entitles the beneficiary to the same benefits as those provided by the PONANT Yacht Club. However, the statuses of Major, Admiral, Grand Admiral and Commodore can only be reached by increasing the number of PONANT cruises taken.

PONANT reserves the right to refuse or cancel the status equivalence of any person who contravenes the rules of this scheme. The Status Match scheme may be modified or withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

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