We protect best what we know best

For more than 30 years, PONANT has been taking passengers to the planet's most secret places where nature reigns supreme. Making this choice means we have responsibilities towards the ecosystems and communities that live there.

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Our 2021 Sustainable Development Report

The environment

Stopping the use of heavy fuel oil, removing single-use plastics, carrying out environmental impact studies... we have implemented a series of measures designed to decrease our environmental footprint in the regions that we visit.

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For 30 years, we have taken passengers to discover rare destinations and to meet the populations that have lived there for centuries. So, our itineraries are planned out in consultation with the local authorities and we make our crew, naturalist guides and passengers aware of good practices to adopt in the communities in which they will be staying.

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Our everyday actions

Our commitment translates to concrete everyday actions, particularly in terms of the controlled and responsible approach we adopt towards what we use and consume onboard our ships, and also in terms of supporting research, awareness-raising and conversation projects around the world.

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Established in 2018, the PONANT Foundation's goal is to conserve the oceans and poles and to promote exchanges between populations. In order to do this, we commit to supporting innovative initiatives led by researches, NGO, start-ups or businesses working to preserve oceans, build scientific knowledge about the polar regions and interact with indigenous populations.

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