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Cruises visiting Northern Kimberley Coast (Australia)

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Whilst there is no standard itinerary, our sailing expedition will feature the iconic destinations of King George Falls and Prince Frederick Harbour. Additional destinations that may be visited include the Prince Regent River home to the spectacular terraced waterfall of Kings Cascades and Camp Creek. Part of the Prince Regent National Park is the National Heritage listed Mermaid Boab at Careening Bay, recording the repairs undertaken by Philip Parker King and his men in September 1820 to Her Majesty’s Cutter, Mermaid. Prince Frederick Harbour is one of the largest and most scenic inlets of the Kimberley coast. Here, the Hunter River and Roe River curl through an awe inspiring landscape of flat top mesas, ancient folded mountains, deep gorges, craggy sandstone cliffs and spires. Just to the North lies the Mitchell River National Park known for its rugged scenery and First Nations Peoples heritage. From the cascading freshwater of the Mitchell Falls the Mitchell River has carved breath-taking gorges into the sandstone as it winds its way to the waters of the Admiralty Gulf. Within the gulf, the Low Rocks and Sterna Island Important Bird Area in the Montesquieu Islands support 4,000 breeding pairs of Roseate terns. The coastal embayments and offshore Islands of the Bonaparte Archipelago are rich in First Nations Peoples culture and heritage. Ancient rock art galleries depicting both the Wandjina and Gwion Gwion styles unique to the Kimberley region can be experienced at Bigge Island, Winyalkan Island, Swift Bay and Jar Island. To the North, the mangrove lined Drysdale River provides the ideal environment to spot crocodiles and an abundance of birdlife. Fed by wet season rainfall the nearby Glycosmis Falls and Casuarina Falls on the Berkeley River are at their most spectacular at the start of the season. No voyage along the North Kimberley coast could be complete without visiting the Iconic King George River. The colours and textures of the 80m high gorge change with the light as you travel further up the river creating a continual changing wallpaper of passing scenery that is simply stunning. Culminating in the Twin Falls of King George, the highest waterfall in Western Australia.